HSC English First Paper Book Download : HSC BOOK DOWNLOAD 2020

The PDF version of the English 1st Paper English For Today book of class XI-XII and Alim of 2020 has been published. You can download the 11th grade English 1st Paper book in PDF format. HSC English 1st Paper PDF Download

HSC English First Paper Book Download : HSC BOOK DOWNLOAD 2020

Newer versions of eleventh and twelfth grade books are not so widely available on the Internet. We are trying to create PDF versions of all HSC books. So that students can download it very easily. Today, the download link of the 11th grade English 1st book is given. If you want, you can download other eleventh grade books from here.

English First Paper Book For XI & XII

The chapters in the 11th class English 1st paper book are –

Table of Contents

📑 Unit One: People or Institutions Making History

  •  Lesson 1: Nelson Mandela, from Apartheid Fighter to President
  • Lesson 2: The Unforgettable History
  • Lesson 3: Two Women

📑 Unit Two: Traffic Education

  • Lesson 1: How Your Brain Negotiates Traffic
  • Lesson 2: Traffic Capital of the World
  • Lesson 3: The Traffic Police
  • Lesson 4: From Filippos Fylaktos” Film “My Brother, the Traffic Policeman”

📑 Unit Three: Food Adulteration

  • Lesson-1: Food Adulteration Reaches New Height
  • Lesson 2: Eating Habit and Hazards

📑 Unit Four: Human Relationships

  • Lesson 1: Etiquette and Manners
  • Lesson 2: Love and Friendship
  • Lesson 3: Photograph

📑 Unit Five: Adolescence

  • Lesson 1: The Storm and Stress of Adolescence
  • Lesson 2: Adolescence and Some (Related) Problems in Bangladesh
  • Lesson 3: Why Does a Child Hate School
  • Lesson 4: The Story of Shilpi
  • Lesson 5: Amazing Children and Teens Who Have Changed the World

📑 Unit Six: Path to Higher Education

  • Lesson 1: “An Eastern University” by Rabindranath Tagore
  • Lesson 2: Access to Higher Education in Bangladesh
  • Lesson 3: 21st Century Higher Education

📑 Unit Seven: Human Rights

  • Lesson 1: Are We Aware of These Rights? -1
  • Lesson 2: Are We Aware of These Rights? – II
  • Lesson 3: Rights to Health and Education
  • Lesson 4: Amerigo, a Street Child
  • Lesson 5: Human Rights

📑 Unit Eight: Environment and Nature

  • Lesson 1: Water, Water Everywhere..
  • Lesson 2: The Hakaluki Haor
  • Lesson 3: The Giant Panda
  • Lesson 4: Threats to Tigers of Mangrove Forest
  • Lesson 5: Kuakata: Daughter of the Sea

📑 Unit Nine: Myths and Literature

  • Lesson 1: Bengal’s Face
  • Lesson 2: Orpheus
  • Lesson 3: The Legend of Gazi
  • Lesson 4: Hercules

📑 Unit Ten: Dreams

  • Lesson 1 : What is a Dream?
  • Lesson 2: Dream Poems
  • Lesson 3: I Have a Dream

📑 Unit Eleven: Diaspora

  • Lesson I: What is Diaspora?
  • Lesson 2: ‘Banglatown’ in East London
  • Lesson 3: Bangladeshis in Italy
  • Lesson 4: Bangladeshi Community in the UK

📑 Unit Twelve: Peace and Conflict

  • Lesson-1: Definition, Causes and Types of Conflict
  • Lesson-2: What is Conflict?
  • Lesson-3: Cruelties of Conflict
  • Lesson 4: “The Old Man at the Bridge” by Ernest Hemingway
  • Lesson 5: The Peace Movement

📑 Unit Thirteen: Greatest Scientific Achievements

  • Lesson 1: Some of the Greatest Scientific Achievements of the Last 50 Years
  • Lesson 2: Science and Technology Against an Age-old Disease
  • Lesson 3: Scientific Breakthroughs We Are Waiting For-I
  • Lesson 4: Scientific Breakthroughs We Are Waiting For II

📑 Unit Fourteen: Art and Music

  • Lesson-1: What is Beauty?
  • Lesson 2: Folk Music
  • Lesson 3: Crafts in Our Time
  • n Bangladesh
  • Lesson 2: Arriving in the Orient
  • Lesson 3: Imaginary Travel
  • Lesson 4: The Wonders of Vilayet

Eleventh grade English First Paper book literature Download PDF

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HSC English First Paper Book Download : HSC BOOK DOWNLOAD 2020

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