All You Have to Do is be a Lawyer

Some are choosing the legal profession as a hobby, some as an independent profession, some as a service profession. Once the law was passed, it was very easy to become a lawyer by becoming a member of the Bar Council. But nowadays this profession has become more competitive than before. At present, a lawyer’s certificate is issued after passing the BCS exam in three stages. But many people are in trouble because they do not know this well. So what to do to become a lawyer, is discussed below.

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To become a lawyer, a person must meet two conditions:

The first condition

1. He must be a citizen of Bangladesh;

2. Must be 21 years of age;

3. Must qualify for one of the following:

(A) Must have a degree in law from a university located within the borders of Bangladesh; Or

(B) have a degree in law from a university outside Bangladesh recognized by the Bar Council; Or

(C) If he has become a Barrister at Law.

The second condition

(1) If the above conditions are met, anyone can fill and submit a form to the Bar Council. Here’s what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

(A) satisfactory proof of the applicant’s birth certificate;

(B) satisfactory evidence of eligibility under Article 26;

(C) testimonials of two persons who are in good standing regarding the character and conduct of the applicant;

(D) provide an affidavit stating that the information mentioned in the form is true and accurate;

(E) Receipt of payment of Rs.

(2) Before being recognized as an Advocate, he / she has to spend six consecutive months of apprenticeship in the Chamber of an Experienced Advocate of 10 years.

Test steps

You will first have to work as a trainee for six months হবে in the sense that you have to make a deal with a senior. However, seniors must have at least 10 years of regular advocacy experience. He will be accompanied by an affidavit. And there will be a receipt for sending the fee bank draft or pay-order prescribed in favor of Bangladesh Bar Council. Receipt for sending the mentioned contract, affidavit and bank draft or pay-order should be sent to the Secretary of Bangladesh Bar Council immediately after the examination for graduation examination or any other degree examination.

The Bar Council will issue a registration card with you within six months of your application being accepted by the Bar Council. There you will be given a registration number. After six months, the Advocate will inform you of the date of the next written examination and you will be invited to submit an application for participation in the examination subject to attachment of some papers.

Receipt of bank draft or pay-order or receipt of cash deposit in the bank’s account in the bank for the prescribed examination fee in favor of Bangladesh Bar Council. Certificate of Apprentice Completion from Senior. A list of at least five civil and five criminal cases with full details, signature, seal and date of the examinee and his senior, during which the examinee himself was present in the court with his senior. These must be accompanied by all certificates of educational qualifications, character certificates and pictures.

Test method

Candidates who apply will first be tested in Quiz or MCQ method. Then there will be a written test of 100 numbers. The pass number is 50. In the third stage, oral test of 100 marks will be taken. Judges ask questions in this oral exam. In the oral examination, questions are asked from the subjects studied by the candidate under the senior lawyer.

Test subjects

Written examinations are held on six subjects. These are the Criminal Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code, Specific Remedies Act, Limitations and Evidence Act. There are three questions from each topic and one has to be answered.

Practice in the lower court

If you pass the oral exam, you qualify to be a lawyer (lower court). That means you have become an advocate. In this case you will get the membership of the Bar Council. However, not only do you have to get a certificate, you also have to subscribe to the bar where you want to practice.

Practice in the High Court Division

If you have two years of experience working as a lawyer in the lower court, you are eligible to get a certificate as a lawyer in the High Court Division. However, a trainee agreement has to be made with a senior who has been practicing in the High Court for more than 10 years. And if you have at least 50 percent marks in the Bar at Law Degree or LLM exam, then you can take the exam one year after receiving the certificate from the Bar Council. The prerequisite in that case is that you have to practice for one year under a senior advocate of the Supreme Court and to this end you have to submit a certificate of your senior with the application form.

Practice in the Appellate Division

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